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11-Nov-2016 08:24

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In sobriety, I give people a couple dates to woo me and if I'm not digging it, I move on immediately.

I can also make clear-headed decisions about whether I want to sleep with a person or not.

My adolescence was riddled with substance abuse and insanity. Little did I know I was in store for a much more powerful ride by not drinking or drugging.

Being sober, I've made plenty of terrible, impulsive, typical 20-something decisions.

And since I'm not dulling those emotions with any substances, it's gives me more incentive to leave behind a person or situation that is causing me distress.

There's a big difference between actual friendships and having a group of drinking buddies.

Since I wasn't drinking, I had to be super choosy about who I was spending my time with.

I moved up in my career, started a business and I'm 5 weeks away from finishing a Master's degree.

I've been tackling super ambitious projects like a writing a book and pursuing a long-desired career in journalism.

My gal pals are people that I not only enjoy spending time with, but that are similarly ambitious and proactive. I freed up a lot of time not being drunk and not being hungover.