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It's perfectly OK to set a limit on how much you can afford. Check with your vet to find out about local pet grief support groupsonline or in your area.

How much can your family take physically and emotionally? In his last months, only one of us could leave the house at a time, which was stressful, as was staying up all night with him.

Often, pet owners project their own feelings onto the animal—and of course you want him to live forever.

But as much as your pet feels like a part of you, it is his experience that is most important.

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It's time."I've been up all night with our ancient beagle, Buddy, who is deaf and nearly blind.

I don't know how else to say it except that all of his wonderful "Buddy-ness" appears to have left him. An animal can't be made to understand what's happening to him, can't tell you explicitly when the price of dragging his failing body around one more day, one more hour, is too much to bear.

Bill and I don't know what's wrong, though the vet is guessing a brain tumor. It's said that an animal will tell his owner when it's time to go. Maybe they do tell us, but we can't—or don't want to—hear it. Deciding what to do is agonizing, an achingly personal decision that no pet owner ever takes lightly. Today, it seems the fight has gone out of him altogether, and, frankly, from me as well. After I tell Bill about the night Buddy and I had spent, and how I think we have to end this for him, I tense up, waiting for an argument. "I need your permission to call the vet, and I feel like we need to do this today," I press on. There are veterinarians who will come to your house to put an animal to sleep, but Buddy is getting worse by the minute: He appears completely confused.

Treatments themselves can be painful, and you don't want to put a pet through stress unless there's a good chance it will make a difference.

Don't beat yourself up if you opt out of exorbitant procedures. We all do the best we can, in every way, for our dear friends.Bill closes Buddy's eyes, as I whisper, "Good-night, sweet puppy. It's a selfless gift, often wrought with guilt, but I hope some people find peace knowing their animal is in a better place." On the next page, you'll find other considerations to help you with this very difficult decision.

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