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With the dragon god’s help, Hoori found the hook, but in the meantime, Hoori had fallen in love with Toyotama hime, the daughter of the dragon god.Hoori and Toyotama hime were married, and they lived together at the bottom of the sea for three years.Hoori became curious and sneaked a peak at his wife while she gave birth.He was shocked to see, instead of his wife, a huge wani cradling their newborn son.Fast forward to the future, Shinpei has been offered a fake job in Tokyo.Sayuri's father arranged everything so that Shinpei would not interfere with Sayuri's marriage.One day Hoori borrowed and lost Hoderi’s fish hook.

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Together, he and his wife returned to the surface world with Hoderi’s lost hook. When she went into labor, she asked Hoori not to look upon her, because she had to change into her true form in order to bear her child.

Shinpei's childhood sweetheart, Sayuri, is deaf, but somehow they can understand each other and they always spend time together.