Coach k basketball camp adults online dating good and bad points

22-Nov-2016 04:45

I have used many of them to great effect with the 6-12 yr olds that I coach, they love doing the drills. Dean Glover Birmingham, England These drills are great. I am usung it during the summer for a kids basketball camp from 8 to 12. I forgot about having to spend hours looking for drills. Buying a shelf book, I have to scan or copy the pages Dave Werrett Candle Lake, Sask, Canada We did several of the drills in practice this week and the boys had a great time.

The best part is when i have asked for special tips Jeff has always been able to reply to me quickly with assistance and ideas. Hi, the 60 fun drills is in my opinion one of the most important and difficult works I can find on the basketball drills market.I might be old and slow to change, but I know when something works.My skill sessions for the beginners this summer will have A LOT of drills from this book.So thanks a lot for this five star ranking material,coach Martin, Prague The 60 fun drills were really useful.

There were loads of great drills, but the fact that they were put into categories helped too. I like purchasing e-books so that I can print out which pages I want for practice.My girls comment nowadays that they enjoy coming to training which is great.