Dating your ex girlfriends sister dating vs boyfriend girlfriend

13-Mar-2016 20:10

Life isn’t always wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow on top. Sometimes the lack of closure is the very lesson that you needed to learn.

Maybe you needed to learn to validate yourself and accept yourself. They were brought to you as a reflection of yourself.

The bond that you formed with her may have been the strongest you have ever felt for another human being, and you may have very quickly been convinced that this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

But what you might not have known is that the woman you were dating probably started out in the relationship by idealizing you.

I knew the breakup was coming, so I accepted it and wished him well. After that call I knew reaching out to him again would be a waste of my time and energy and would only cause me more pain, so I decided I would have to get closure for myself somehow. A few months later, after doing a lot of soul searching, I called and asked if we could try again. I knew this when I decided to try again, and looking back I should have known better. I’m still not sure I have 100 percent closure with him either, but I know that reaching out to him will only hurt me more, and I know that it doesn’t matter what he thinks or wants.

Despite the end of the relationship, he had come to be an important part of my life. When I look back, I realize I wanted him to validate our relationship. I wanted to know I had meant something to him, anything. I can only control myself and my actions and how I deal with the ending of another relationship that I thought could mean something.

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We don’t’ always get what we want, but we get what we need. Unfortunately, life does not always go along with our pre-conceived notions of how things should be, and people aren’t always what we want and need them to be.

Many men have had the experience of entering what they thought was their dream relationship only to find out months down the road that their dream had turned into a nightmare.