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02-May-2016 13:53

back to top of page Since the end of July Sky has been issuing NEW WHITE viewing cards to paid up subscription customers.

This new card carries even greater encryption than the old “Blue House” cards and are updated to ensure that sky themselves always stay ahead of the game in offering the best premium service.

We do get some strange phone calls from customers with OLD WIVES TALES, here are a few with answers to try and address this issue:- 1.

With a new white sky card it is NOT possible to record sky with a standard sky box.

(for free to Air customers we have a fix to reinstall Channel 5 etc.

onto your sky box providing you have a good satellite signal) c.

If for any reason it does not work DO NOT RING SKY DIRECT FROM SPAIN as you will get the card and possibly sky box blacked by sky rendering it useless.

Web site for further information: or call TONY on: 977 486 387 ( 9am to 6pm ) back to top of page Now that the weather is getting hotter, it’s that time of the year when all pool owners are keen to use their pools but what about prolonging that use and keeping your pool warmer for longer.

Even when all chemicals have been added and the cleaning process is completed it can be still too cold for many of us to do more than dip a toe, unless the pool is heated.

In the past 10years we have not failed yet in providing the client with a full stable service. “These sky cards my mate says can be viewed by anyone who chips them” Yet again another old Chinese whisper as the encryption used by sky has not yet been broken and their system remains the most secure on the market.

Any clients or customers with any concerns or questions concerning this change over or with any system problems we can be contacted either by e-mail or phone.They put the heat back into your pool and keep it there. They are passive solar swimming pool heating devices made from two sheets of heavyweight UV resistant vinyl.

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