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Karl is married to Kay Kinsey Malone, biracial Filipino and white, since 1990 and they have 4 children together.While many believe that there would be many Filipino and Black couples in the NBA, that has not really been the case.He was married to his second wife, Cecilia Suyat Marshall, Filipino-American, from 1955 to his death in 1993 and they had 2 sons together.See more here from a prior post, Historical View of Asian and Black Couples.She is one of the very few people of color to ever be shown in Filipino movies and television shows blazing the trail for people of color on the big screen and small screen in the Philippines since 1958.She starred with Fernando Poe, Jr., Filipino, in the 1959 Filipino fantasy movie, , the earliest known movie to feature a Black and Asian couple – see more at Asian and Black Couples in the Movies.

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They had one daughter together, Filipino recording artist star, Jaya in 1969, before separating in 1972.

His wife, Loida, took over as CEO of his billion dollar company after his death and she successfully ran the company for six years before selling it.