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What i can say about this drama is, it was fun, funny and full of friendship value. But I've only done watching 2 saeguk (historical drama). it was okay drama for me because both of lead's character were a bit annoying. My conclusion for Love in the moonlight is just ordinary historical Korean drama not must watch on my list. prior watching this i already saw park bo gum in reply 1988.. and the excitement in every episode will keep you hooked and not once bored... the only 3 historical so far that i love is this one, scarlet ryeo and sungkyunkwan scandal. Its my first time watching Korean novels and it amaze me from beginning til end.

Its more about love story between the prince and the eunuch. Thnk you Before i didnt watch k-drama but when i started to watch Love in the moonlight im became interested. I am hoping that there is a Part 2 and Yoon Sung still in the cast. yeah he is an eye candy but he never got me hooked on him on that show even tho he is the male lead there... my only complaint here is the fate of the 2nd male lead... When this drama aired together with Scarlet heart ryeo I watched them both, but I was not very hooked to this drama compared to Koreas ratings. I feel in love with park bo gum Jin young and Kim.they're all really great actor and actress.

Those were the actual times in Korea of the first encounter between the values of Confucianism and Christianity.

In the drama, this is the leading reason for sinister Prime Minister Kim Hun to poison the queen mother of Crown Prince Lee Young.

I feel like she should have at least ended up with yoon sung (they were chosen to get married anyways! Jin Young playing the former best friend of Lee Hyomyeong was very nice too, but I knew his character would eventually become more bitter & dark because of his love for Raon..I became disappointed near the series end with his character. As I explored the background of this drama and watch again several episode I became convinced that this sageuk will remain a peak in the entire history of Korean drama.

If anyone stood out to me the most in Gooreumi, have to say Kwak Dongyeon as Head of Royal Guard & Lee Yeong's personal bodyguard. I honestly feel it was a break out moment for Kwak Dongyeon that tested his limits as an actor. So much depth of talent working in harmony in one single work is simply astonishing. Two talented screenwriters have woven superbly across 18 episodes a story of unexpected private love within the rigid confines of palace life against a background of public demand for justice and equal treatment of all human beings by the suffering common people living outside the palace walls.

Hong Ra-On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Hyomyeong is unaware that Hong Ra-On is a woman. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra-On to become one of them. When I saw the pictures in image gallery of this site, I had goosebumps.

I watched 'love in the moonlight' drama, because i felt for park bo gum. I told myself "they will definetely have great chemistry" and it becomes true.

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Am still on episode 10, am i the only one who bothered by the fact that the crown prince was falling for ra on while he still think he's a boy?I really can't move on in this kdrama so please give us season 2.