Who is chilli dating tyrese watch mountain of storms online dating

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When are these lames gonna learn real music gets them further then this bs... A bottle of bubbly, candy, chocolate, a drawn hot bathe & some. Haven't really liked much of his music since his 2nd album. I have a theory..ppl wont like Tyrese bcuz he is real..have gotten so used to the celebrity b/s n the fake ass ppl in the industry that we cant even have an appreciation for nice rnb music but we embrace di rubbish these hurry come up acts r putting out there..are all brainwashed...there is absolutely nothing wrong with the song..one said it would be a hit but its a great song...i have heard worst and the video is sweet and real so much for u fake ass ppl..couples have that n there is nothing wrong with the man depicting love (grown folk style)..video and song are great! Chilli is TOOOOOO damn old to be a video love interest."""Girl u know Iiiiiii Love U, No Matter What You Do, & I hope You Understand Me, Every Word I Say Is True, Cause I Loooove You Oh ooooo, You get my point!!! As$, As$, As$, As$, As$, As$, As$, As$, As$, As$ STOP! Yeah yall know the rest, I'm just coming home from work feet & back hurt you talking bout making something "Hammer Time" NO THANKS I'll pass... She has the exact same corny look as she did in the Usher videos.And Martin luther king knew what the fuck was going on, he even said we had some difficult days ahead, and he told Harry Belafonte "I've come to believe we're integrating into a burning house." I mean because what's the use of intergrating if you don't have any fucking economic within your community!!!!!! "Recognition of self" is the very first sign of intelligence, and "True Power seeks to replicate itself"!Booker T Washing knew this, he had the blue printtttttttttttttt on what to do self-help, racial solidarity and accomodation. So, although some of us are mixed, or light in complexion, we get a pass in the white world.IF black couples would ONLY "be like white folks" and support only that which promotes their image(s), then we'd have a "world of our own". But, for me, until Tyrese finds a more.."acceptable" female lead for his videos - HE WON'T SEE A DOLLAR OF MY DISCRETIONARY FUNDS..!!!X, Y,"and Z" "If race DID matter to us, if we used it as a "bar-of-entry" to our culture and discretionary dollars, then we'd never have to depend on 'others' for roles in film and/or TV." I totally agree with you sista, but you can blame integration, and multiculturalism for that, i mean we went through all the bullshit and in the end who benefited??? Dr king took some ass whoopin and went to jail so that niggas can move out of the community and go build up white establishments.

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Forgive me my Jamacian , Trinidadian, Dominican, And even African women yall the worse African women loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the white mannnn!!!!!!!!

He wanted us to accept discrimination for the time being and concentrate on elevating themselves through hard work and material prosperity. The mainstream/white folks are only interested in a thing if THEY see themselves in it. But that ticket has a price: we are compelled to "race-mix away" that "bad/undesirable" part of us.

But nooooooo negros wanted to go to the big house and live like crakkas meanwhile they community don't have shittttttttttt...the result is us, lookkkk at our communities , we don't own shit, and we are easily bought out You right tho we are the only ppl with our dumb ass noses up talking about some we don't see race!!!! And negros say that "i don't see color shit" because white ppl say it. You see, Halle Berry, when she got up on that stage and made her Academy Award acceptance speech failed to forget that one very cogent fact after she tried to play the race card against her White Baby Daddy. I also uploaded my hot photos on,,,~~_______________________M’illion’aireloving.

Bottom Line May God Continue To Bless Tyrese so he can bless us with a lil Teddy P Jr music. ~Grown Folks Biz~ I'm sorry, did anyone listen to the words of this song??? Tallkissing.c ^0^ m 】is the perfect place for you to join. 1 dating site dedicated to intimate encounters, casual encounters and millions of Tall and Big people are using it. Tyrese is not cute if you really look at him, the song is not hot and Chilli is cute but has no type of sex appeal.

Are women supposed to stay with a man that has been with, Michelle, Rosia, Ki-ki, just because he sung a song to them, come on son, we are stronger than that! Why would you be offended by this video, he's simple stating that now matter who she thinks or believes he's been with, he truly loves her and NOT 1 OTHER GIRL HAS ANYTHING ON HER!!!! Im not hating cuz Im not a fan of either, it just didnt look sexy or believable, shes not really cute either, her hair is wavy and nice skin.Tyler Perry as a hard-lovin', womanizing "playa love-gangsta" = NOT plausible!!

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