Who was adam levine dating in 2018

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New addition, coach Jennifer Hudson, did not make a play for Crosby.Director Ryan Coogler, Actors Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong's and Michael B.Making the opportunity more appealing were the caliber of the coaches ("When Cee Lo decided to sign on, that was when we were all like, ' OK, this makes sense,' " says Feldstein), the examples of crossover success with suggested it wasn't "half as fun as it should be" -- and subpar sales."Honestly," explains Levine, "the risk/reward situation was such that we thought it would be better for me to try doing it because the band was, I wouldn't say faltering, but not doing as well at that point as we had wanted to be doing." NBC president of alternative and late-night Paul Telegdy recalls being particularly impressed by Levine during a late-2010 performance on .

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In fact, Levine's growing portfolio likely will earn him more than million this year, according to sources familiar with his many business dealings, with NBC paying him million to million for each cycle of .STORY: ' Man Candy' to Mogul: Adam Levine, Inc.Asked two days before the New Jersey show if he has gone too commercial -- perhaps even sold out -- Levine shoots a look he might give if you had just selected Team Xtina over his.Between sips of a red eye -- a caffeine jolt of coffee mixed with espresso -- he reveals himself at once charming, cocky, self-deprecating, self-aware, funny and grateful.

Accepting a gig on was the first real job I've ever had that wasn't just messing around with music," he says while pulling at the threads of his ripped jeans."He was acutely aware of what his performer qualities were, but there was just a little bit of a prankster and a clown in there as well." VIDEO: ' SNL' Recap: Adam Levine Joins The Lonely Island, Mocks ' Catfish' Much as it is now, Telegdy's network was in serious need of a boost.